Secured Anonymous Purchases…

  • CCE allows customers to check out in a semi-anonymous way, in an effort to protect your identity. Feel free to use a nick name during checkout or during account registration!
  • When creating accounts, CCE does not require real names, just a valid email address, preserve your identity. We do send an email to our customers when there is an update to an application. All updates are free to paying customers on all our apps and games!
  • We redirect all customers paying with credit card or PayPal to PayPal itself, removing CCE from the payment information collection process. CCE does not collect any information about our customers with exception to a valid email. This greatly increases security to our customers because we do not store any personal data on ANY of our servers, websites or Rolodex.
  • Don’t hesitate view our store!

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Game Companions…

  • Our game companions provide gamers with useful information, achievements, stats and the most wanted features, tools to enhance or otherwise improve game play! Example, Alerting emails or text messages when game developers force a time to restock, play another turn, grow something or any other timer put in a game. Why keep logging in to check status when alerts can be sent directly to you when you need to act. Take control!
  • Game companions are applications designed strictly for the use of a particular game. Each app is designed with players in mind. We try to make features people wished the game developers put in themselves but rarely do. We also make sure to create only useful features.
  • All our game companions do take evasive measures to prevent banning however, it is still possible to determine use by running items or playing longer than humanly possible! SO DON’T DO THAT!
  • We also take suggestions from the community so if you have an idea for a game companion please let us know by contacting us!

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Guided Walk Through…

  • Coming very soon, currently in development.
  • We are releasing guided walk-through’s which will display on game clients where to go, what to do, how best to attack the issue and many more tips all of this while playing the game, LIVE!
  • Walk-through’s will be able to be enabled or disabled on the fly!
  • No need to read forum posts, watch youtube or ask a friend for help, our application will show you exactly what to do, where to go and how to complete the item in question.
  • Expert suggestions by gamers for gamers, be like the pro by training with the app enabled!
  • Onscreen instructions on top of the game clients just follow the directions. How much easier can we make game play?!

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