• Avatar's Pocket Companion

Game Companion  {Windows Version}

  • Due to the slowed development of the game CCE has decided to give this application away!

  • Train one or two skills or actions effortlessly

  • Enable Farming Alerts to get a text message or email when it is time to Farm or water plants!

  • Don't know what is needed to craft an item? Craft every item in your recipe book effortlessly.

  • Keep self healed, or the party healed to enhance game play.

  • Resurrection will bring back a party member after death, even when you forget!

  • Buff, Shield or Stay Hidden where can you go wrong?

  • Avatar Defined action allows you to be in control.

  • Just want to sit around and drink ale with your mates? Grab some worms and fishing pole and place them in your backpack then enable Fishing, cheers!

  • Are you in PVP mode and were killed? Add that avatar to your personal bounty list by using the Avatar's Notes!

  • Need to write down notes on a quest but no paper? Use the Avatar's Notes to keep track!
  • Get Water, up to 1100 buckets an hour! 

  • Keep your party healed with Heal Party

  • Much more available purchase now!!
  • Development continues, place suggestions for a future version in the forum!

This application does not give an advantage to any one player, this application will assist in game play.

*** Create an account on the store, purchase this application using any crypto currency option.
When the process has been completed, we will accept your store account and grant access to 
the download from the store! Accounts and valid email addresses are required! SOTA developers,
contact the store admin for a free copy. ***

Installation and other videos:

Installation process: (very simple)

In game usage:

Twitch Stream - Thank you for the link unnamed developer!

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Avatar's Pocket Companion

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