About Us

Cryptic Mission Statement

Cryptic Codex mission has two components. First one being a focus on something the CCE developers love, games. A lot of games these days take hours upon hours to gain experience or to craft items. Sometimes we just don't have enough time to fit in all the game play we desire. With Cryptic software you can take full advantage of the valuable gaming time, wasting none. We create game companions to help gamer where developers don't and walk through tutorials that guide players through difficult scenarios, quests and game play.

Our second mission is to bring fun and inventive ways of teaching Cyber Security to the masses. Using a format most people are familiar with, online games. CCE games are written from real world examples and teaches both attacking (red team) and defense (blue team) missions. CCE will also custom craft software for events coordinated through our knowledgeable staff.

Our Story

Question Everything, Learn Something, Answer Nothing....


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