Game Companions

Avatar’s Pocket Companion

Take gaming for Shroud of the Avatar to the next level!

Want to train a skill or action effortlessly?

Enable Farming Alerts to get a text message or email when it is time to Farm!

Don’t know what is needed to craft an item? Craft every item effortlessly  with a few clicks.

Keep self healed, or the party healed to enhance game play.

Resurrection will bring back a party member after death, even when you forget!

Buff, Shield or Stay Hidden where can you go wrong?

Avatar Defined action allows you to be in control.

Just want to sit around and drink ale with your mates? Grab some bait and fishing pole and place them in your backpack then enable Fishing, cheers!

Are you in PVP mode and were killed? Add that person to your personal bounty list by using the Avatar’s Notes!

Need to write down notes on a quest but no paper? Use the Avatar’s Notes to keep track!

This is not a cheating application it does not change anything on the game, or give an advantage to any one player. It is just like using your built in mouse or keyboard software.

Avatar’s Pocket Companion works in conjunction to the game Shroud of the Avatar, both are needed for in order to work properly!

Much more can be used to assist game play, so purchase your copy today in our store!!

Game Companion Requests

Have an idea for an update to a current companion?

Want to request a game companion to be made for a different game?

Need a walk through for a game?

Please feel free to make suggestions, we listen to our community!

Please contact us for suggestions!Suggest a game companion…

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